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For some time we have extended our consultancy throughout Italy by promoting a remote service.

It often happens that those who want to buy a house, renovate it or simply furnish it need a precise and quick service to better visualize what will be the final result of their desires.

Here are some concrete cases.


A family from Rome looking for a more spacious house has instructed us to provide them with a renovation and furnishing project to configure the home of their dreams with an open kitchen on the living room, 3 bedrooms and a spacious bathroom with separate laundry area From it.

A couple from Rome contacted us during the real estate negotiation phase. They had spotted an apartment in a central area at the right budget, but with very small dimensions. They wanted to know if the purchase was worthwhile and they asked us to study a design solution for what would become their home for several years.

We started from the simple plan with the measurements of the environments concerned.


A family from Pavia, owner of an accommodation with the classic internal distribution of the 1960s with a kitchenette separate from the room, asked us to update the accommodation without making extremely invasive interventions.

We opted for a partial demolition to ensure that the rooms could create a semi open space area with a wider scope.

A Sicilian couple, from the province of Agrigento, requested our advice to divide a two-storey house previously intended for a single family unit and to create two separate accommodations.

Upstairs we started with two bedrooms, one of which was a closet room.

We knocked down the dividing partition to create a living kitchen and living area.