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Everyone would like an aesthetically satisfying taste at home, as well as practical, functional and at the lowest possible cost.

That's why often you make use of a DIY furniture by letting friends advise you, being influenced by TV programs and magazines in the sector, or even taking a cue from the windows of large retailers.

Most of the time, however, the result does not meet expectations.

Where can dissatisfaction come from?

It happens that we focus too much on a style rather than on a trend, leaving out other important variables that arise for non-professionals only at the end of the work (e.g. Lighting, functional arrangement of the furnishings, plant design, color combinations too impactful or, at the on the contrary, definitely flat).

The advantage of relying on interior design professionals is the guarantee of having an overall view of the project that not everyone has.

What is the overall view of an interior designer?

It consists in creating a project, thought in every detail already in the preliminary phase.

An interior designer is aware of all the elements involved and knows the professional figures who will have to intervene for the final result.

All this leads to considerable savings, not only in terms of time, but also in terms of money, avoiding unpleasant surprises during the works or worse at the end of them.


With my advice as an interior designer you will have a project, photorealistic renders of the final result and exhaustive estimates.


To all those who intend to face renovations or simple restyling.

The final result will be coherent and compliant with the photorealistic renders delivered (internal layout, finishes, furnishings, lighting, systems).


VISION OF THE PLANIMETRY of the accommodation or section of the house on which you want to work.

In order to be able to draw up a project, I need to have a correct survey available (measurements and dimensions).

KNOWLEDGE INTERVIEW , by telephone, or by video call (Skype) or even at the accommodation to discuss needs and expectations.

PRELIMINARY PROJECT of the renovation or restyling work.

Once I have found all the material and considering your wishes, I will elaborate a plan and 3D views.

At this point we can think about what to do.

Seeing the modified and furnished home environments will allow you to become aware of the change.

At this stage everything will be subject to criticism and second thoughts if necessary. We will thus perfect the project so that it is tailor-made for you. We will evaluate materials, necessary interventions, preliminary estimates with the budget available for the works.

PHOTOREALISTIC RENDER passing from the preliminary to the final project, I will therefore create photorealistic images (render) of each environment subject to renovation or restyling.

Thanks to the photographic view of the project, I will dispel all your doubts about "how will it be?", "Will the result not be too heavy?", "Do the color choices correspond to our expectations?", Etc.

modellazione 3d a colori senza render

You will be convinced of your choices because, compared to 3D views, the renderings of the project clearly show colors, materials, fabrics, coatings and lighting.

With these images and updated quotes there will be no confusion about the final result .

modellazione 3d con viste render a colori fotorealistiche
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